• Services Design, FEM, Research & Development, Production, Further Development
  • Customer Gudereit (Ger) / Tour de Suisse (CH)
  • Timeline 2019-2022
  • Facts & Figures Planned & designed as a pure Bosch CX model
    2019-2020 design phase & construction
    2020 augmented with Bosch Active Line & Performance


The goal was to design a bike that would be more than a women's version of a men's bike. A bike that is geared towards the mobility needs of women who use it to get around in their everyday lives.

With a torsion-resistant frame that can withstand heavy loads and with an adapted and optimized geometry. Specifically, that meant sitting upright and comfortably - and riding safely.

The task became more complex due to the use of two different motors, battery sizes, circuit variants - and all this in combination with a slim design.


A step-through with an integrated battery that can be removed from the top. Which is no easy task: the main tube requires a relatively large cut-out so that the battery can be easily removed. We also needed a good solution to cover this section. Our customers wanted to paint the battery cover themselves, which is why aluminium was chosen. The cover is screwed to the battery with sliding t-blocks. An adjustment plate and adjusting screws ensure tolerance compensation and a homogeneous clearance.

With the radical omission of the top tube, not only a successful step-through series was created but also a prime example of how to actively and sustainably push the market in a completely new direction - when you think in new ways.

Reduced design meets maximum riding pleasure.
Because the Wendy has a lot of stability, no top tube is needed - which also makes it much easier to remove the Bosch Powertube.

Pushing the market in new directions