• Services The full package from the concept idea to kinematics & geometry, FEM, construction, prototyping, tooling and series production
  • Customer AT Zweirad & Gudereit (Ger) / Tour de Suisse (CH) / Sich (NZ)
  • Timeline 2021-2022


At Velobyrd we want to actively shape the future of mobility and that of the e-bike. Knowing what technology can do and what the market needs, our passion drives us to envision and build the best possible products.


You don't build the best bike by taking a few ideas from the bike industry, write SUV on it, install a large battery and an XT gear shifter. You build it by rethinking it. Shogun impressively shows what is possible with the consistent application of current technology.

Take: the best drive system from Bosch, make mounting and dismounting safer and more comfortable because it is deeper and increase the comfort even more with full suspension. A Gates belt drive makes the Shogun virtually maintenance-free. The result is a cool design - and above all an e-bike that is suitable for everyday use and cycling with top performance.

Started in April 2021 with a development time of just 20 months it really is in a class of its own.

Every detail is well thought out and thought through to the end.
Best example: the development of the belt tensioner.

Comfort zone on two wheels.