• Services Idea, research, CAD for prototyping, pitch
  • Customer Own study
  • Timeline 2019 Basic Idea & Research 2022 Eurobike launch


Women’s Power fact: more than 50% of the distance cycled every day is accomplished by women. Which is all the more surprising when you consider that women’s roles are practically non-existent in the design and development of bikes.


Why not initiate a project in which women set the tone and say what they want? With the creative consultancy, Gravity Munich, we have found committed partners who actively shaped the process. With qualitative surveys of active women cyclists, their partners and acquaintances.

Result: The bike that women want doesn't have to be gender-specific - it "only" has to be really good. Just like JOON. An iconic bike with stunning everyday usability. With a super comfortable geometry and smart features such as automatic gearshift for a completely natural driving experience, an intelligent walk assistant or a battery that becomes a Power bank and flashlight.

Together with Gravity, a ground-breaking concept was created in 18 months. Not just for women, but unisex and state-of-the-art.

Everything is aesthetically integrated: from the lighting to the lock.
Whatever your pronoun. Joon is for everyone.

Designed by women. Built with Integrity. Inspiring our Future.