• Leistungen Design, FEM, Research & Development, Production, Further Development
  • Kunde Tour de Suisse (CH) / Gudereit (Ger)
  • Timeline 2018-2019 Design and development phase PT500
    2019 augmented with more spring travel and thicker tires
    2020 series delivery
    Until 2022 further development and series delivery BES3


In order to understand what drove us, it helps to look back at the specifications, where we record all the requirements, goals and criteria of a project together with the customer. It stated: The Defender should be a sporty, dynamic touring fully for everyday use and for commuting.


Choosing the drive concept was relatively easy for us: it should be a Bosch Performance CX with an integrated battery (500 watts). We also wanted a reduced design, 100 mm spring travel, internally routed cables and the option of using the bike as an S-Pedelec.

When the C-prototypes were approved, Bosch brought the latest generation of internal batteries with 625 watts onto the market. 70 mm longer than their predecessors, which of course had an impact on the installation space and geometry. So, we had to quickly adapt the construction without making major changes to the design. In addition, the Defender got the option of a dual battery system to have enough power for the S-Pedelec function.

Furthermore, painting and assembly did not take place in the frame factory, as is usual with Fullies, as the customer had an excellent paint shop in Switzerland. Instead, it was partially assembled and the front frame was delivered unpainted.

A year later, the platform was expanded with 120 mm of spring travel and more tire clearance.

City, countryside, mountains. Defender is built for the urban jungle and rough terrain.
Comfort zone on two wheels. Thanks to the well-thought-out frame shape, perfectly appealing kinematics and well-balanced geometry.

Designed in Germany. Refined in Switzerland.